Wooden wick edition - Soy wax container candle with Jasmine fragrance

This 100% soy wax container candle is specially designed with a wooden wick which gives a crackling sound when burning. Jasmine fragrance is used with 100% soy wax imported from US. The strong smell will surely make your day. Price include two container candles as shown. 30 burning hours for each candle. Separate purchase is available at $88 each.


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Jello Specialty Candles specialize in handmade candles, it carries different collection series, such as chunky candles, sand art candles and the luxury collection candles. We believe that candle has become an important decorative item at home or office. It can be presented as an decorative element for display, as well as a catalyze in creating a warm and romantic living environment. Single, bulk or special request orders are available. As well as conducting a private or company workshops. Candle making kits are available as well. Please contact us directly for more details: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jellocandles Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/jellocandles