Romance Collection: 8N001-S

項鏈長度: 40cm

精油吊飾: 約24mm (連一個琉璃球和油泵)

物料: Swarovski珍珠, 925純銀項鏈和配飾

運送方法: 順豐速遞-全球運送

購買滿HKD$500可免運費, 於順豐速運服務中心自取(只限香)。

Swarovski elements 珍珠配上925純銀頸鏈與配飾。​項鏈吊飾包括一個琉璃球和油泵, 利用油泵將精油注入琉璃球內, 不止能令你散發香氣, 你亦可隨時拿出琉璃球, 利用球內小孔倒出精油搽上耳背或手腕上, 加強你的獨特氣味, 令您全日散發自然香氣。

Necklace length: 40cm

EO Diffuser: approximately 24mm(w/ a glass ball and oil pump)

Material: Swarovski elements, 925 Sterling silver necklace and accessories

Payment method: PayPal, Apple Pay or bank transfer

Shipment method: We ship to worldwide by SF express. Shipment fee paid by consignee.Free shipping if purchased over HKD$500 and pick up at S.F.service centre(Only for Hong Kong)

We use Swarovski elements pearls with 925 925 Sterling Silver necklace and accessories. The necklace comes with the oil pump and glass ball, and 2 packs cotton ball. Use the oil pump extracts the essential oil inject into the ball's hole. It's not only for diffuse, you can also use the ball apply the oils on the back of ears or wrist to diffuse your unique blend oil.


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Swarovski Elements jewellery, and high quality designs, materials, and most importantly craftsmanship that can double as a diffuser for your essential oils. All designed by PP Beauty Care. Welcome to order an unique jewellery, please contact us for the details.

我們使用高品質的材料配合Swarovski元素, 最重要是PP Beauty Care的手工藝和設計製作充滿時尚風格的首飾, 首飾亦可用作精油擴散器使用。

歡迎訂製獨一無二的首飾, 團購或海外訂購。


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