Model no.7N003-RG_Rose Collection: Essential oil necklace diffuser 玫瑰系列: 精油項鏈

--項鏈長度: 40cm

--精油吊咀: 約20mm

--附送: 一個琉璃球和油泵, 2包火山石, 2包綿球

--PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay或銀行轉賬

Swarovski 玫瑰金與黑色水晶精油項鏈, 配上玫瑰金精油吊飾不易變色。時尚淡金的顏色可作為時尚服裝配飾或當精油擴香使用。項鏈包括一個琉璃球和油泵, 利用油泵將精油注入琉璃球內, 可以散發香氣和儲存精油, 利用琉璃球內的小孔將精油倒出搽上耳背或手腕上, 加強妳的獨特香氣。建議配合天然治療級精油使用,全日保持清新天然的香氣,如欲訂購精油配迎聯絡我瞭解更多。


--Length: 40cm

--Pendant: appropriate 20mm

--Free: A glass ball and oil pump; 2 pairs of lava stones & 2 packs of cotton ball

--Payment: Paypal, Apple Pay, Android Pay or ATM transfer.

--We ship to worldwide--

Swarovski crystals necklace with no fade Rose gold essential oils diffuser. Acts as a diffuser purpose plus light gold colour looks much more stylish. The necklace come with a glass ball and oil pump. Pump the essential oils to the ball's hole, you can pour out the oil anytime. Pour out the oils and apply on the back of ears or wrists to diffuse your unique smell. Besides, there are 2 pairs of lava stones & 2 packs of cotton ball are included.

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Swarovski Elements jewellery, and high quality designs, materials, and most importantly craftsmanship that can double as a diffuser for your essential oils. All designed by PP Beauty Care. Welcome to order an unique jewellery, please contact us for the details.

我們使用高品質的材料配合Swarovski元素, 最重要是PP Beauty Care的手工藝和設計製作充滿時尚風格的首飾, 首飾亦可用作精油擴散器使用。

歡迎訂製獨一無二的首飾, 團購或海外訂購。


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