1N001-S Vintage collection_925 sterling silver essential oils necklace diffuser 復古系列_925純銀精油項鏈

Swarovski 珍珠10mm配上925純銀項鏈長度90cm, 精油吊飾16mm體積更小, 重量更輕和不易變色, 這個優雅經典風格吊飾適合所有女士, 多種配帶方法更能展示獨特個性。附送兩對火山石和兩包小綿球。

Swarovski pearls 10mm with 90cm of 925 sterling silver necklace and no fade 16mm pendant, smaller and lightweight. This classical style suitable for all of ladies, many ways to wear enhance your best features. Included 2 pairs of Lava stone & 2 packs of Cotton ball.

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Swarovski Elements jewellery, and high quality designs, materials, and most importantly craftsmanship that can double as a diffuser for your essential oils. All designed by PP Beauty Care. Welcome to order an unique jewellery, please contact us for the details.

我們使用高品質的材料配合Swarovski元素, 最重要是PP Beauty Care的手工藝和設計製作充滿時尚風格的首飾, 首飾亦可用作精油擴散器使用。

歡迎訂製獨一無二的首飾, 團購或海外訂購。


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