About "HK Handmade"

How did this platform born?

One day, one of our founders was day dreaming at his little seat, and wondering if there is any handicraft to learn or make a gift for a friend. Spending a day, he discovered there are many artisans in HK, and most of them are active on Facebook and Instagram from separated pages. At that moment, an idea came to his mind, “Why don't we make a platform for who like handicrafts in HK?”. Afterward, the Version 1 development has been started, which didn't provide any online shopping service or interactive functionalities.

For now what you are using, it is the Version 2. Our team hopes this Version could help more artisans by promoting their handicrafts,art sense , skills and attitude, in only ONE platform.

What services does HKHandmade provide?

Someone thinks we are a company that creating handicrafts, but we aren't. In fact, we wish to gather the power of artisans, and we could be a role act as an intermediary who tries to connect to users, by helping them to search for their favorites items.

Our services mainly include:

  • Agency

  • Bazaar Events

  • Handicrafts Online Shopping

  • Supplies & Tools

  • Workshops

  • Handmade information, including Bazaars, interview with artisans, diary, etc.

  • Interactive and social communication functions, including private messages, order management, reviews, artisans follow, kiss, etc.

What abilities does “HKHandmade” team have?

There are various artisans and craftsmen in HK who concentrate on their handicrafts. However, they usually find difficulties in promoting what they are performing. Reasons may include the high rent, lack of platforms and bazaar.
For our strength, we concentrate on developing a platform and providing an environment in connecting people, not limited to online. We hope this environment is diversified.
To achieve this goal, “HKHandmade” is just a start, we need the communication and connection from every handmade lovers, enjoying to contribute and make the world beautiful.

Well, is there any handmade handicraft which is created by “HKHandmade”?

Honestly speaking,although we didn't know any handmade handicrafts, we got some simple experience in baking cakes and cookies. Fortunately, after a series of interviewing with artisans and their guidance, we finally have our handmade .
From the conversations, we started understanding the characteristics of Hong Kong Handmade. For the coming future, we will keep communicating and understanding the artisans and users' needs so as to improve our services.